#TeamJesus Outreach
Impacting our community one person at a time!
Meet Us at The Cave
Every Other Saturday Morning at 10 AM 
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Taking the Love of God
into the community
and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
We are currently accepting donations:
If you would like to donate....
1. Money?  click the ~GIVING~ Tab and in the message area  ...
Please specify******* "Outreach".********
2.  Clothes, shoes, toys, bikes, school supplies, uniforms, and or non-perishable food items
You can bring them to the Cave during service hours
3. Your Time? Would you like to join us one Saturday at 10 Am as we go into the community to love on people?
4. Talents? We need people in all professions. We may need construction, electrical, plumbing, roofing, or mechanical work, housekeepers, babysit..etc. depending on the needs of the community.
Do you have specific qualifications and would like to contribute by using your talents to help someone in need? 
We need all of these things and greatly appreciate any thing you are willing to contribute.
We would love to have you join our Team!
For additional information please contact :
Kevin or Sheena Trimnal at
(251) 272-6578 or (251) 725-7784